Quickly .. The Ministry of Health sends a message to chronic disease sufferers and women, to go to hospitals


The Ministry of Health, headed by Dr. Hala Zayed, appealed today to all citizens with chronic diseases and women to go to hospitals to obtain medicines for chronic diseases and infant formula, which lasts for a period of up to 3 months.

The Ministry of Health sends an urgent message to chronic disease sufferers and women

The Minister of Health asked all chronic disease sufferers and women to participate in public health initiatives, which come under the slogan of 100 million health, the most important of which is citizens who need many surgical interventions.

It is part of the President’s initiative, which ends all waiting lists, and works to prevent the accumulation of new lists, and this is what helps improve public health for all citizens, and reduce Corona infection.

The Ministry has appealed to all citizens that in the event that any symptoms of Corona virus appear, and all precautionary measures and self-isolation at home are adhered to, and that they go to the nearest hospital affiliated with Ministry of Health and PopulationOr, direct contact is made through the hotline 105 for inquiries about the Corona virus.

Zayed also emphasized the special importance of monitoring home isolation for all their health status on the number 1440, and it was indicated that these lines are distinguished by providing many accurate and fast medical advice to all citizens, and they provided advice to the elderly and people with chronic diseases as the blessed month of Ramadan approaches This virus.


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