Rain, shabura and warming … Meteorology announces the weather phenomena map


10:00 AM

Friday 02nd April 2021

Books – Ahmed Massad:

The Meteorological Authority announced weather phenomena during the period from April 2, Friday to Wednesday, April 7, which came as follows:

Friday, April 2

Light to moderate rains in some areas of the northern coasts by 40%, and wind activity in areas of the northeastern coasts, South Sinai and the south of the country.

Saturday, April 3

Water fountain on Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the canal cities, and the northern and eastern coasts, and wind activity on areas of the northeastern coasts and South Sinai.

Sunday, April 4

A gradual rise in temperatures from (3: 8) degrees Celsius, with wind activity in the far western regions of the country.

Monday, April 5

Dust is suspended during the day in the regions of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the south of the country, and the regions of the far west of the country, which causes sand.

Tuesday, April 6

Dust is suspended during the day in areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and the south of the country.

The authority stressed the need to take all necessary preparations and measures against the effects of the expected weather phenomena.

Wednesday, April 7

Dusty storm during the day in the areas of Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt.


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