Ramez Jalal hides and hits Ahmed Saad with the rifle .. to respond angrily: “You


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Tuesday 13 April 2021

Books – Moataz Abbas:

The singer Ahmed Saad was a guest in the first episode of the “Ramez Akle Flar” program, presented by comedian Ramez Jalal, and broadcast on MBC Masr, during the holy month of Ramadan.

“Jalal” revealed the details of the “Ramez Aqilh Flar” program, which lures the guest in order to open amusement parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then lures him in order to entrap him in the plot.

“Jalal”, the singer, the guest star, greeted him sarcastically, saying: “The virility of the rapture and the broken spleen of the virgins, the artist Ahmed Saad.”

He added: “Ahmed Saad’s gin from Arabia is a disease that is sold. He wanted to work as a sexwoman, Asi al-Hilani, and I turned him on the Mercedes star, in a carving that happened in the wash, but no matter how he carved himself mechanically.”

I raise a lion myself because I am a lion; Ramez mocked him, saying: “What is this stupidity ?!, means that the lamb raises a sheep, and the bucket raises a bucket ?!”

Ahmed Saad entered into an entertaining adventure, a game of “Paintball”. Ramez hid and hit Ahmed Saad with the rifle without noticing him.

Ahmed Saad replied, “It is a sweet game, but you come to us and welcome us and do not tease us.”

It is noteworthy that the artist, Ramez Jalal, announced the completion of filming all episodes of the landfill program, Ramez Aql, who flew 29 episodes, the duration of one episode is 22 minutes, in which he presents all the guest paragraphs in the program, where the victim is exposed to a set of challenges and adventures that test the strength of endurance until he falls into a dump Ramez Galal.

The program was filmed in the major amusement park in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, under the patronage of Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Saudi Entertainment Authority.

The landfill program, “Ramez Akle Flar”, will be broadcast at exactly 6:26 minutes, with the time of the Maghrib azan daily during the month of Ramadan, on the channel “MBC Egypt”. Many art stars in various Arab countries are located in the plot, most notably singer Ahmed Saad and artist Dina. El-Sherbiny, artist Wizzo, actress Sumaya El-Khashab, Al-Ahly player Mohamed Afsha, goalkeeper Jenish, artist Kinda Alloush, artist Hamada Hilal, artist Reem Mostafa, and artist Mohamed Heneidy.

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