Ramez Jalal publishes the first picture of his program and shocks everyone with his appearance – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The artist, Ramez Jalal, revealed the official poster for his new program, which will be launched in the next Ramadan marathon on MBC Egypt.

Ramez Jalal appeared, on his official Twitter pages, holding a Ramadan lantern and a red braid in his hair and rings on the letters of his name. And he will complete it with a covering. Soon, God willing, Ramadan 2021. ”

In another tweet, Ramez announced that he is Trend No. 1 on Twitter, calling on God to complete it well and complete it with concealment, and he said: “God willing, there is no strength except with God. On Twitter, and may God complete it well and complete it with concealment. ”

Ramez Jalal used to change his appearance in every version of his annual landfill programs, and appeared in the “Ramiz Majnun Official” Ramadan 2020 program with blue hair.

The Ramez Jalal program for the pranks of Ramadan 2021 is filmed in complete secrecy inside a major theme park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is designed in an international style, and the idea of ​​the program revolves around the entry of Ramez Jalal with the guest of each episode in a major adventure inside the amusement park, and after completing the tour inside it they jump from a high height And they fall into the water.


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