Ramos makes a naive mistake that mocks Barcelona fans


Ramos makes a naive mistake that mocks Barcelona fans


The captain of Real Madrid and the heart of his defense, Sergio Ramos, made a grammatical error, which mocked the fans of his traditional arch-rivals Barcelona.

A huge banner was raised in the center of Barcelona, ​​the stronghold of “the Blaugrana”, containing an advertisement for the second season of the documentary series “The Legend of Sergio Ramos”, in the Amazon Prime app, bearing a message written in the Catalan language.

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This act appeared to be a response to Barcelonas president, Juan Laporta, who placed a giant banner near the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium, the stronghold of Real Madrid, during his election campaign recently, and included a message saying “I look forward to seeing you again.”

Ramos’ announcement wanted to send a similar message, “I look forward to seeing me again,” but it contained a grammatical error.

Although the message can be clearly understood, the wording of the sentence was not accurate, which prompted Catalans to ridicule and highlight the error on social media.

Perhaps the sign was a bad omen for Sergio Ramos, who later announced that he had suffered a muscle injury, and perhaps his absence from the “El Clasico” match against Barcelona, ​​on Saturday April 10, at Camp Nou, as part of the 30th round of the Spanish Football League. The foot.

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