Real Madrid come out with a taste of defeat from Getafe



Real Madrid come out with a taste of defeat from Getafe


/Javier Barbancho

Real Madrid fell into the trap of a goalless draw against its host Getafe, in the match that took place between them on Sunday evening, as part of the 33rd round of the Spanish Football League “La Liga”.

Real Madrid players were not only able to reach Getafe, over the course of the two halves, but the owners of the land almost rocked the net of the royal team on more than one occasion, had it not been for the ingenuity of the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

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The Real Madrid team settled with one orphan point after this draw, raising its tally to 67 points, and is ranked second in the league table, so far, two points ahead of its traditional rivals Barcelona, ​​who played a lesser game.

Atletico Madrid lead the standings with 70 points, after sweeping their guests Eibar (5-0) earlier in the day as well.

While Getafe occupies the fifteenth place on the ladder of the league standings, with 31 points.

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