Real Madrid President: The internationals are playing matches we do not know


Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid and President of the European Super League, confirmed that he is working with European club presidents to amend the way players join their national teams in the coming period.

Perez indicated, in a lengthy dialogue with the Chichengo program, that the European Super League would be a material aid to a number of small clubs in the European continent.

Perez said: “It is not easy for me to sit with the players and talk to them about reducing their salaries, but we had to do it to stay alive. I love the Real Madrid players so much and we were able to reduce the salaries on one Saturday only, they are great.”

And he continued: “The European Super League will help Barcelona. It did not take time or long effort to convince Juan Laporta to participate. It is possible that tomorrow I will give Laporta the presidency of the European Super League, I do not want it in the first place.”

He added: “I promise that we will help the little clubs. The European Super League came because we are losing money in Real Madrid, as well as Barcelona and Atletico, clubs of England and Italy, and we have to help each other.”

And he added: “It does not make sense for modest clubs in La Liga to earn more money than or like Barcelona. This cannot happen. We are in a strange time. The same applies to the big six in England compared to 14 other modest teams.”

Regarding the international players joining their teams, Peres concluded: “We have to change a lot of things. We have a lot of matches as clubs, and the teams play matches that we do not know anything about and do not even know how to win them, we have to change.”


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