Record levels of electric and hybrid vehicle sales in the UK


In a sign of the accelerating shift towards electric cars in Britain, last March recorded sales of 13.9% of total car sales in the country, a record high compared to March 2020, when sector sales were only 7.3%, according to CNBC.

According to the Association of Car Manufacturers and Dealers in Britain, consumers bought 22,000 electric cars and 17,000 hybrid cars during March, which marked a milestone in the trade of these cars.

Despite these positive numbers, sales are still low by about 37% below the average levels in March between 2010 and 2019, and the auto sector as a whole, including electric cars, witnessed a clear improvement in March, as new registrations increased by 11% to reach 284,000 cars.

The Automobile Manufacturers and Traders Association stated that last year was the most difficult in recent history and the auto sector was severely affected, like many other sectors, but indicated optimism that consumer confidence would return.


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