Reda Al-Azab: This is the truth about my heart failure … and Tolan refused to meet me because of my family


Reda Al-Azab, a former Zamalek player, confirmed that when he was a player in the ranks of the Police Union, he entered into negotiations with Al-Ahly officials, and agreed with them on all the details to move to the Red Castle, and he requested contracts from his club management, but Helmy Tolan refused and told him: “I will not lose Zamalek. And his fans because of you. “

The player added, in statements to Zamalekawi’s program, that he went to Helmy Tulan’s home, but the latter refused to meet him, and after that his destination changed and moved to Zamalek.

Regarding his heart injury, Al-Azab said that this rumor is behind one of the coaches, and he revealed that the beginning was due to his exposure to fainting in one of the matches due to dissatisfaction with not participating with Zamalek. Another, Salima came, and he played, trained and participated with other teams after leaving Zamalek.

The former Zamalek star continued: “I did not get a chance in Zamalek, and if I participated, I would not sit at the bench because of my level, but I did not get the opportunity.”


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