Renaissance Dam: Washington is ready to provide aid to Ethiopia to solve the dam crisis and Sudan excludes the military option


Jake Sullivan

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US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that his country is ready to provide assistance to Ethiopia in resolving the Renaissance Dam crisis, as well as the border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan, and the conflict in the Tigray region.

Sullivan and Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Demiki Mekonnen stressed, in a phone call Thursday, the importance of continuing regional dialogue to resolve the dispute related to the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopia is building on the course of the Nile River.

According to a White House statement, the two sides agreed on the importance of the support provided by the African Union to reach a peaceful solution to the two crises of the Renaissance Dam and the borderlands of Fashaqa between Ethiopia and Sudan.

And Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi ruled out taking a “military option” to prevent Ethiopia from continuing to build the dam.

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