Report – An Sad End and the Conquest of the World … 5 Factors Preventing Musimani from Training South Africa


External press reports mentioned the reasons that prevent Pitso Mosimane, the coach of the first team in Al-Ahly club, from leaving the Red Castle to train the South African team at the present time.

The global Goal site stated that there are 5 main reasons for Musimani not to leave Al-Ahly and train the Bafana Bafana, succeeding the coach, who was dismissed from his post a few days ago, Molevi Ntsiki.

“Journalists, fans, coaches and former players were among those who asked the two-time CAF Champions League-winning coach to get a position as head coach for the national team, but Musimane is unlikely to have thought of that,” the site said.

The report emphasized that there are 5 reasons why Musimani is currently preventing him from training South Africa .. They are as follows:

1 – Daily details

According to all accounts and reports from those who worked with him, Musimani is sticking to the details. He lives, breathes and sleeps the game of soccer and loves to control as many variables as possible (from tactics to human management).

At the Sun Downs, club president Patrice Mozebi has given the referee to Musimane to do his job, and in the club soccer environment, there is a lot of control, but it’s not the case with the national team.

The South African Football Association lacks a clear development plan and anyone who coaches the national team will continue to face a host of challenges, many of which are beyond their control.

2 – An unfortunate end the last time

In his recent spell as coach of South Africa, Musimane was a scapegoat when he failed to qualify for South Africa for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. He also became the nation’s laughing stock after Bafana Bafanas “celebration” of qualifying for the tournament, but in reality they did not qualify.

Musimane was definitely not as appreciated by fans at the time as he is today and that was probably one of the bad points in his career. And having made himself one of the country’s most successful coaches ever, why would he want to return to a position where he was not being respected?

3 – Conquer the world

While many South African players have made their names in Europe over the past two decades, this has not been the case with coaches from this country. There is a feeling that Musimane wants to change that, as his ultimate goal is not only to achieve success with Al-Ahly, but he wants to move to Europe or maybe even South America.

4- Age factor

At 56 years old, Musimane still has a few years in his coaching career and is still likely to take over the Bafana Bafana coach at a later stage when he decides to settle in South Africa.

5 – Winners and losers

The South African national team is known these days as “the losers”, as the country’s sports minister said a short while ago. As for Musimane, he is currently crowning titles, rewriting history and gaining respect worldwide. A return to the “chaos” that has become in it is certain. The bavana bafana is not going to be attractive.


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