Report: Telegram allows users to send voice messages later


The Telegram application added support for voice chatting in channels in March of this year, as this feature allowed Telegram users to send voice messages in channels, and now, the instant messaging platform is rolling out another update to improve the voice chat experience on Telegram.

According to a report issued by TestingCatalog, Telegram added the ability to schedule voice chats on channels, meaning that the voice message can be recorded now and then set a specific time for it to be sent to the recipient, noting that the feature is available as part of a trial update that provides Telegram v7.7.0 version. It is expected to be rolled out to all users in the near future, and by using the new feature, channel administrators will be able to schedule voice chat.


The report also shares steps on how to schedule a voice chat in Telegram channels, as to do this, officials will have to click on the channel icon and the three-dot settings menu in the upper-left part, and here, it will select “Start voice chat” and then search for the “Schedule voice chat” option. Here, now, tap on it, then choose the time and date according to the selection, then click on the button at the bottom to schedule the voice chat.

The report also shares a screenshot of the upcoming feature, which shows that a scheduled voice chat notification will appear at the top of the channel with a countdown timer, and it will be visible to all members.

Also, another upcoming change to Telegram is that the application can also allow users to change their name and profile description from the voice chat window without closing the ongoing chat, and it will also contain a link to Telegram features in the same menu to redirect the user to the Telegram tips channel.


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