Report .. The youth summit raises controversy before the adults clash


A great controversy arose after Al-Ahly’s victory over Zamalek with two goals to one goal in the last round of the 99th Republic League competition for the current season 2020/2021, which was held yesterday, Sunday, at Al-Ahly stadiums in the Nasr City branch.

The controversy arose in the last 24 hours after the two teams were equal in the number of points, so that Zamalek celebrated the crowning of the title for its superiority in the goal difference, and Al-Ahly celebrated the crowning of the title due to its superiority in direct confrontations, amid a contradiction in the list.


Zamalek’s official website published a news report that the team won the league title, indicating that the team ranked first with 15 points, three goals behind Al-Ahly, who is in second place, who also has the same points balance.

As for Osama Ismail, Director of the Media Department of the Egyptian Football Association, he confirmed that he contacted the Competitions Committee, and they said that Al-Ahly, after his victory over Zamalek, is the champion of the competition because of direct confrontations after equal points with Zamalek, because it is a one-turn and the direct confrontation is not a difference Objectives.

Al-Ahly said through Khaled Bebo, director of the youth sector: “The club is committed to what the Football Association decides in the end, and we will wait for it to be finally dismissed.”

Playoff match

The Egyptian Football Association resolved the crisis by holding a playoff match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek on a neutral stadium to determine the champion of the Republic League competition.

According to an official statement published by the Egyptian Football Association, the Competitions Administration decided to hold the match at 9:30 pm on Tuesday, April 20 at Al-Sikkah El-Hadid Stadium.

In its statement, the Football Association stated that it decided to complete the Republic competitions for those born in 99 and 2001 in its second phase of one round, in line with the decision of the Egyptian Cabinet, with the establishment of a playoff match in the event that two teams are equal in the number of points.

Mujahid interpretation

Ahmed Mujahid, head of the Egyptian Football Association Administration Committee, explained the reasons for the decision to hold a decisive match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek to determine the champions of the Born in 99 League, stressing that Zamalek was based on a list that does not exist.

Mujahid said in televised statements: “When the Corona crisis worsened, there was a possibility to stop the competitions, but we decided to complete the 99 and 2001 competitions, specifically the second phase of one round only.”

He added: “The Football Association competitions are determined by direct matches. The talk about the goal difference list was when the competition was not completed only and at that time, direct confrontations would be incomplete and could not be returned.”

The head of Jabaliya concluded, saying: “The list on which Zamalek is based does not exist because the competition system has been modified. The decision to complete the tournament from one round means the absence of the list, and thus the deciding match was taken.”

Legal meeting in Al-Ahly

Al-Ahly announced on its official website that the club’s legal committee will hold a meeting at the present time to study the events of the team’s match against Zamalek in the Youth League.

Al-Ahly added that the legal committee is studying all correspondence issued and received from the Football Association, as well as the regulations governing competitions, before considering the recent decision of the Football Association to hold a playoff match.

Al-Ahly indicated that the legal committee is submitting its report to the planning committee for the ball and notifying Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, of what it has concluded, in preparation for resolving the controversy that arose to determine the champion.

Zamalek memo

Tariq Yahya, head of the football sectors of the Zamalek club, confirmed that the sector submitted a memorandum to the committee in charge of managing the club regarding the crisis, stressing that the management would take its decision within 48 hours.

Tariq Yahya said in televised statements on “Zamalek” channel: “I submitted a memorandum to the club’s temporary committee, explaining the list, our point of view and our opinion as a sector. The Football Association will be addressed to make a decision about the match.”

He added, “The decision will be announced within 48 hours after addressing the Football Association, and the final decision is in the hands of the club’s management, which will decide what is in the club’s interest, based on the sector memorandum that included a comprehensive and comprehensive analysis of everything that happened.”

Ashour crisis

Another crisis arose in the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match, due to a video circulated by Imam Ashour, the youth team player in the White Club, in which he appears to be insulting the symbols of Al-Ahly, headed by Saleh Selim, Hassan Hamdy and Ahmed Schubert.

Ahmed Mujahid, head of the Football Association’s management committee, announced that Imam Ashour’s video was referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association to take the necessary measures, stressing that it is the only body entitled to investigate the matter.

The regulation of discipline and ethics issued by the Football Association states that if the player commits a disgraceful sporting behavior, improper behavior, does not have a sporty spirit, provokes the audience, or incites others to discrimination, hatred, violence, or any disrespectful behavior before, during or after the match He shall be punished by one of the following penalties:

1- Suspension. / 2- A fine of a minimum of 50 thousand pounds in addition to the value of damages, if any. / 3- Crossing out. / 4- A fine for the value of what was destroyed.

Provided that the committee imposes the appropriate penalties, without being bound by the sequence provided for these penalties.

official complaint

Al-Ahly filed an official complaint to the Egyptian Football Association and the Discipline Committee against Imam Ashour, demanding the implementation of the regulations and provisions of the law that came in this regard, in the interest of the competitive atmosphere and the relationship between the fans of the two clubs.

Al-Ahly sent “flash drives” in his complaint that included “5 videos of Imam Ashour and his colleagues shouting insults, insults, and utterances out of the Al-Ahly club, its board of directors, its former president, the club’s entity and its fans,” according to the statement.

Al-Ahly indicated in his statement that Imam Ashour committed “inappropriate transgressions and deviates from all the rules of morals” after the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match in the Youth League.

He added that Imam Ashour used to transgress the rights of others in many cases and that he was not deterred by previous punishments.

The adult summit is also contested

The League 99 crisis came a week before the adults’ summit that will bring together Zamalek and Al-Ahly next Sunday, April 18, in the postponed match of the fourth week of the Egyptian Premier League championship.

The tripartite committee in charge of managing the Football Association issued an official statement announcing its commitment to seeking the assistance of Egyptian referees to manage the two top matches in the Premier League championship.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek announced their rejection of the idea of ​​assigning the summit match to an Egyptian referee team.

It is reported that Zamalek tops the league with 33 points from 14 games, while Al-Ahly, the champions of the competition, is currently in fourth place with 27 points from 11 games.


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