Rescue the passengers of the Tahta ferry before their sinking in the Nile River in Sohag


River Protection Forces succeeded in rescuing the passengers of the Tahta Center ferry, in the northern governorate Sohag, During its sinking and the fall of some passengers in the Nile River.

And the sinking of the ferry was completely stopped by another ferry that it pulled before sinking, and immediately Farida Salam, head of the Tahta city council, headed to the headquarters of the incident. To check on passengers.

The “Echo of the Country” had been published before that about the suffering of the people of Khazandaria Island in the district of Tahta, north of Sohag Governorate, and here is a part of the previous report:

Shouting, skirmishes, and discussion in the middle of insults and insults, verbal strains that can turn into major disagreements that occur after victims, and a race in which the islanders try to join their role in climbing to the ferryboat before others, and here one of them may lose his soul by falling into the Nile after the speed of movement to join to reserve a place Inside it.

This was the unfortunate scene on the island of Khaddarya Sharq, affiliated to the Tahta district in the northern governorate of Sohag.

Mustafa Naji, a tuk-tuk driver, one of the residents of “Khaddarya”, said that he has to cross through the ferryboat to the center until his day begins with the hard work that awaits him from becoming until he sacrifices, but that is costing him a lot and he is afraid that he will return in the evening with the launch to the island. Therefore, he shall terminate his work before the closing date of the ferryboat comes, and the owners of the launches and boats have begun to be used for families and children.

The twenty-year-old added that their neighbors lost their son a year and a half ago, by drowning; After his fall in the Nile while trying to gain independence that phrase, and that he feared losing one of his brothers in this way, indicating that he is still postponing his wedding until he can rent an apartment with Tahta and furnish it to marry her, because he does not wish to live the rest of his life in fear of losing one of his children by drowning Because of the infectious ones.

Mr. Atef, in his third decade of life, a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Department of Media, Sohag University, who is from the eastern island of Khaddarya, explained that the ferry dates start from 6 in the morning until five and a half in the evening, then the owners of the boats and fishing boats begin to exploit the need of the people and their desire to Reaching the bank of Tahta or returning to the island, deciding the value of the fare at five pounds per person.

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