Revenge summit between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League


Hosts Bayern Munich team At nine oclock this evening, Wednesday, Paris Saint-Germain in a new summit by going into the Champions League quarter-finals at the “Allianz Arena”, and Bayern Munich qualified for the Champions League quarter-finals, after winning over Lazio 6-2 in the aggregate of the two away matches. At the price of the final, while Paris Saint-Germain advanced to the round of 8, after defeating Barcelona 4-1 in the first leg, and a 1-1 draw in the round of 16.

Bayern Munich against Paris Saint-Germain

Bayern Munich, the defending champion Led by Hans FlickThe Paris Saint-Germain match with special accounts, especially since the latter will not make it go unnoticed after losing the championship to Bavarian in the final match last season 2020.

Bayern Munich defeated Paris Saint-Germain in the final match of the 2020 UEFA Champions League.

Flick seeks to take advantage of the expertise and technical stability that Bayern is going through at the local level, in order to outperform Saint Germain and achieve a moral victory before the return round scheduled for April 13th at the “Princes Park” stadium.

Bayern Munich will enter today’s match, without its Polish striker and scorer Robert Lewandowski, after suffering a sprain in the right knee ligaments, and his absence for 4 weeks, in addition to Sergei Janabri, who suffers from a sore throat.

Champions League

Hans Flick is expected to push Chubu Moting as a substitute for Robert Lewandowski in Bayern Munich’s attack against St. Germain tonight.

On the other side, He plays Paris Saint-Germain Bayern Munich, to avenge the Bavarian, who snatched his dream of the European title last season.

Despite the difficulty of facing Bayern Munich, the best European club at the moment, Paris Saint-Germain will seek to destroy the Bavarian and eliminate its hopes of reaching the continental title again, and stopping its train at the quarter-finals.

The stars of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar da Silva, Angel Di Maria and Kylian Mbappe, adhere to the European dream, lead the French capital club to the first title of the Champions League, and compensate for the tragedy of last season.

Paris Saint-Germain misses in today’s match, 9 players are Florenzi, Bernat, Franchi, Icardi, Kurzawa, Edward Michot, Paredes, Xavi Simmons, Marco Verratti.

The confrontation of Bayern Munich is of particular importance to Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, coach of Paris Saint-Germain, as he is looking to personally avenge the Bavarians, after his 7-2 defeat with Tottenham in the group stage last season, which was the reason for his departure.


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