Russia designs life support devices at the lunar base


Russian engineers began designing devices and systems that would supply the lunar base with water, and this came in a decision taken by the Scientific Council of the “Ni Khimash” Russian Aerospace Chemistry Institute, and according to a decision taken by the Scientific Council, the institute intends to work in the years 2022-2025 on designing systems to supply the station. Lunar orbital, lunar base and space station with water.

According to the “RT” website, it is expected that the design work will be completed with the disclosure of experimental models of the said devices.

Engineers representing other Russian scientific research institutes are also expected to participate in the design work.

It is noteworthy that the Russian “Ni Khimash” Institute specializes in designing closed courses for life support devices in space equipment.

Currently, a number of devices designed by the institute are working on the International Space Station, including a system for storing and treating urine, a system for producing water from air humidity, a system for generating oxygen, a system for converting urine into water and a system for purifying water from harmful sediments.


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