Saad Al Sagheer’s new wife reveals the reason for announcing their marriage now..Watch


The young artist “Berlenty Amer” decided to announce that she and her children were infected with the Corona virus, days ago, and that she entered health isolation in the house in which she resides in the Al-Ahram Gardens.

Saad al-Soghair’s wife

Berlanti explained: “I was infected with the Coronavirus, me and my children, and it is one of the reasons that pushed me to announce my marriage to Saad Al-Soghair Through social media, after my health deteriorated in the past hours.

And she continued: “I am a smoker and the doctor came in order to make sure that the lung was infected, and it is possible that Saad is also infected with the Corona virus because he is always with us, but this period we do not know anything about him and he did not sit in the house of his first wife as well, and I don’t know if he did the tests or not because he He hasn’t appeared since our marriage was announced. ”

A long love story

And about her relationship with Saad Al-Saghir, she explained that she got to know him and they were living a long love story over two years, which ended with marriage last February.

And she said: “Saad cannot deny our marriage permanently, and he knows this well. He had lied to me, and on the contrary, he told me that I would be saved.

The reason for marrying Saad Al-Soghair

Regarding the reason for her acceptance of marriage to Saad Al-Saghir, she confirmed that because of the love of her children for him, he said: “Frankly, one of the things that prompted me to marry is that my children love him and he deals with them as well as their father.”

While Berlanti revealed, that she married at the beginning of her life and gave birth to a son and daughter from her husband who works as a contractor, indicating that he does not know anything about them and that Saad is considered their first father: “My children deal with Saad as their father because in fact he is good.”


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