Sadat metro station closed for 9 hours .. Learn about the road map


7:52 PM

Friday 02nd April 2021

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy:

The Ministry of Interior announced the completion of its preparations through intensive measures to secure the route of the royal mummies procession in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The ministry said in a statement, today, Friday: It was decided to close a number of traffic axes for all types of vehicles and individuals on Saturday, corresponding to the 3 current, from 6 pm to 8:30 pm, as follows:

Closing all entry and exit points to Tahrir Square and the outlets leading to it from the 6th of October Bridge and the 15th of May Bridge, as well as closing the views of the 6th October Bridge coming to Nile Street, and closing the El Galaa Bridge in the direction coming from Giza.

The closure of the Corniche and the side streets leading to it, starting from the Qasr al-Nil Bridge to the celebration area, as well as the closure of the University Bridge and Abbas Bridge for the next from Giza, and the (Egypt – Helwan) road in the direction of Athar al-Nabi Square, as well as the closure of the houses of al-Munib Bridge and the highway that leads to Athr Square the Prophet.

Sadat Metro Station was closed from 12:00 until 9:00 pm.

The necessary traffic diversions to alternative roads will be made during that period, as shown on the official website of the Ministry of Interior

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