Sadat metro station closed until the end of the royal mummies procession ceremony (appointment and alternatives)


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The Egyptian Company for the Management and Operation of the Metro called on the metro passengers the necessity of changing the Ramses exchange station between the first line (Al-Marj – Helwan) and the second (Shubra El-Khaima – Al-Mounib) due to the closure of the Sadat metro station today, Saturday from 12 noon until nine in the evening due to the procedures of the royal mummies convoy Which starts from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Civilization in the Fustat region.

The company added that the closure continues for 9 continuous hours. Subway trains will pass between Jamal Abdel Nasser metro station and Saad Zaghloul metro station in Line 1 (Helwan – Al Marj) without stopping as well between Mohamed Naguib metro station and the Opera metro station in the second line (Shubra El Khaima – El Mounib) Without stopping at Sadat Metro Station.

The metro station is a reciprocal station between the first line (Marj – Helwan) and the second line (Shubra El-Khaima – El Moneeb), as well as for those coming from the new Adli Mansour metro line known as the Heliopolis Metro and the Abbasid metro, and accordingly, the Shuhada metro station remains the only exchange station between the three metro lines.

A few hours, the world’s attention turns to Cairo, coinciding with the start of the procession of royal mummies to announce the departure of the mummies of Kings Ramses II, Thutmose III, Hatshepsut and 19 other mummies.

The Egyptians follow through television channels the date of the procession of royal mummies at sunset on April 3, and from the headquarters that the procession of royal mummies will run between forty minutes to forty-five minutes, from the start of the movement from Tahrir Square in the center of the country to the region of Fustat.

The ceremony of transferring the royal mummies will be attended by leading artists and artists, including the Tunisian artist Hend Sabry, the artist Yousra, the artist Mona Zaki, the artist Ahmed Helmy, the artist Aser Yassin, and the artist Hussein Fahmy.

Ticket prices for the National Museum of Civilization in Fustat are divided after the ceremony of the royal mummies transport procession for the Egyptian, it is 60 pounds, the student 30 pounds, the foreigner 200 pounds, and one hundred pounds for foreign students.

It is worth noting that the transfer of mummies comes as part of a huge project to develop methods of displaying antiquities, and reorganizing their distribution in museums as a result of the increase in their number in the Egyptian Museum, and this came through the official page of the Ministry of State for Information.

The Ministry of Interior made intense security preparations before the parade of royal mummies set off to secure the transport of the 22 royal mummies to arrive safely, and the General Traffic Department also set up alternative traffic axes for the route of the royal mummies procession to transport 22 royal mummies.

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The National Museum of Civilization provides a live broadcast of the royal mummies transport event through the link Here

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