Saida Jalal: I waited for the kiss of Rushdie Abaza and wished to marry Farid Shawqi … and the nephew of Fateen Abdel Wahab, committed suicide because of me | news


The actress Saida Jalal was a guest on the “Cairo Today” program, presented by Edward and Nancy Magdy, and she made several bold statements about her period of work in art.

Saida Jalal spoke about her work in cinema in the 1970s and revealed her happiness with the experience of working in the movie “Passion and Body” with Rushdi Abaza, because of his kissing her in one of the scenes, explaining that she was waiting for filming the scenes, describing her as “the best kiss in the history of cinema.”

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She explained that Rushdi Abaza was a charming person who dealt simply with those around him, and was keen to eat with workers in the studio.

She added that she acted a few films with Farid Shawky and she wished to marry him, because of the resemblance between him and her father, whom she loved so much, and that he enjoys magnanimity and “gadana of the children of the country,” according to her description.

Aziza Jalal indicated that she had entered into a love affair with the director’s nephew, Fateen Abdel Wahab, but her insistence on working in cinema led him to commit suicide, which brought her into a state of reluctance to marry for years, grieving his separation.

She confirmed that she only agreed to marry after the late actress Leila Murad – wife of Fateen Abdel Wahab – had advised her to overcome her lover’s suicide crisis, after which she married one of the doctors residing in Germany, and gave birth to her daughter, the actress, Menna Jalal.

It is noteworthy that Saida Jalal is a dancer and actress who went to work in cinema in the late sixties of the last century, and presented more than 50 different artistic works, and she is the sister of the late popular singer Shafiq Jalal.

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