Salah opens fire on the coach of Zamalek … and reveals the “key to winning” at the Moldavia of Algeria



Salah opens fire on the coach of Zamalek ... and reveals

Reuters /Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the former player and coach of Zamalek Football Club, attacked French Patrice Carteron, due to his recent statements in which he confirmed that the team’s players suffer psychological and physical problems.

Salah, 62, said in statements to the “Koura Trend” program on Al-Hadath TV channel, today, Thursday: “Carteron is a failed coach, because he talks in this way about the team even though he has been following Zamalek for 3 or 4 months and he is a coach for Saudi cooperation, so why did he accept his training?”

He added: “Carteron took over the leadership of Zamalek after meeting Ceramica Cleopatra in the league, which was won by the white team and made a great performance while the French coach goes out to talk about physical problems and the team is in the middle of the season and competes in 3 tournaments.”

Salah continued: “Carteron wants to throw his failure on former coach Jaime Pacheco and put justifications in front of the fans, and unfortunately, fake and unreal justifications, Zamalek players are professionals and are able to separate any problem inside the club and from the stadium.”

Salah confirmed that Zamalek fans understand football to the fullest degree, explaining that Carteron comes out with these strange statements to highlight that he has a role and imprint if the team won against Mouloudia Algeria on Saturday in the penultimate round of the group stage of the African Champions League for football.

The former Zamalek coach called for relying on Youssef Obama as an outspoken striker in the MCA meeting, and pushing Imam Ashour from the start to support the midfield and take advantage of his powerful shots.

Source: Agencies


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