Saleh Jumaa: Dedicate 5 million pounds to Al-Ahly … and I welcome playing for Zamalek


Saleh Jumah, the player of Ceramica Cleo Patra, revealed that Al-Ahly deducted from him up to 5 million pounds during his stay in the Red Castle due to deviations from the text and absences from training and staying up late.

he added Saleh collected In a televised statement: I was exposed to more than one opponent Alahli football club But the biggest of these discounts was after a piece of information received by Sayed Abdel Hafeez, Al-Ahly football director, by staying up at one of the places.

The former Al-Ahly player continued that if he received an offer to move to Zamalek, he would not object to that, in the event of receiving an official offer, stressing that Zamalek is one of the poles of Egyptian football and playing has an honor.

Saleh Jumaa added that he offered his brother Abdullah Jumah, a Zamalek player, to move to Al-Ahly a while ago, but his brother refused and confirmed that he was happy to be in the Zamalek club.

Saleh also criticized Jumah, the former Al-Ahly coach, Renee Fyler, describing him as a racist coach, who dealt with me badly.

The Ceramica player added that he had nothing to do with Mahmoud Kahrabas problems, and stopping him with Al-Ahly club had nothing to do with him at all, and I asked him not to repeat my mistakes.


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