Sami Shirts: Yasser’s injury may prevent him from the Simba match


Sami Qamis, Al-Ahly’s general coach, said that his team’s defender, Yasser Ibrahim, may keep him from the injury he suffers from joining his club’s list that will face Simba.

Shirts indicated, in a press statement to him today, Thursday, that Ali Maaloul needs up to 5 weeks to return to the ranks of the team.

The head of the medical team for Al-Ahly team, Ahmed Abu Abla, indicated that Yasser Ibrahim had complained of a strain in the connective muscle, and got a break from the training of the team that was held today at the touch stadium.

Al-Ahly club will host its Tanzanian counterpart Simba at 9 pm tomorrow, Friday, in the sixth and final round of the African Champions League group stage.

It is reported that Ali Maaloul injured his posterior muscle during his participation with Al-Ahly in the Bayern Munich semi-final match of the Club World Cup last February.

The player almost returned before he was injured again, and then he had to travel to Tunisia in order to follow up on the injury with the Tunisian national team doctor, before returning during the past days.

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