Scenarios for Zamalek and MC Algeria qualifying for the African Champions League quarter-finals


A single round decides the second finalist from Group D to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, after Tunisias Esperance won the first seat.

Esperance had won its place in the quarter-finals of African Champions LeagueAfter the fourth round, after leading the fourth group with 10 points, leaving the competition for second place between the teams of Mouloudia Algeria and Zamalek Al-Masry.

Zamalek revived its hopes of qualifying for the quarter-finals, after it defeated Mouloudia of Algeria outside its stadium, to raise its score to 5 points in second place, 3 points behind second-placed Mouloudia.

Mouloudia Algeria will visit Esperance, next Saturday, in the final round of the African Champions League, while Zamalek hosts its Senegalese counterpart, Tongeth.

Scenario qualifying Zamalek

After the victory, Zamalek now faces the only scenario to qualify for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

Zamalek will have to beat Senegalese Tongeth in the sixth and final round, while waiting for MCA to be defeated by Tunisias Esperance.

In this case, Zamalek will advance to the quarter-finals, where it will be equal to the Algerian team with 8 points, while direct confrontations will be in favor of the white team.

Zamalek team

Zamalek had tied negatively with MCA in the first round of the tournament, before winning 2-0 in the fifth round.

In the event that Zamalek falters or MCA succeeds in snatching a point from Esperance, the Algerian team will qualify for the quarter-finals.

3 scenarios for Mouloudia, Algeria

On the other hand, MCA has 3 scenarios, any of which could lead it to qualify for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

The first scenario is to win against Esperance with any result, without looking at the result of Zamalek, as the Algerian team will qualify in this case as the leader of Group Four with 11 points, one point behind Esperance, while Zamalek will occupy third place with 8 points if it beats Tungith.

Zamalek against MC Algeria

As for the second scenario, MCA draws with Esperance, which will lead it to qualify for the quarter-finals in second place with 9 points, one point ahead of Zamalek if it succeeds in defeating the Senegalese team.

The third scenario will be the loss of Mouloudia of Algeria, but on condition that Zamalek also falter with a draw or defeat, as the Algerian team will qualify for a summer with 8 points, two points behind third-placed Zamalek, or a point from Tongith if it wins and reaches 7 points.


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