Schubert announces Mosimane’s position on coaching the South African national team


Journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed the position of Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani regarding training the South African team during the coming period.

Schubert said on his radio program with Schubert: “Mosimane is already a candidate to coach South Africa, and he is happy to be on the list of candidates to train his country.”Schubert continued: “In 2019 it was reported that Musimane refused to coach the South African national team, and said he still had some time to work with the national teams.”

Schubert added, “Musimane sees that he is writing a history with Al-Ahly club, and sees it as an unprecedented experience and a designer that he will continue in until the end.”

He explained: “I cannot say that Musimani closed the door 100% in front of coaching the South African national team, but he is convinced of his presence in Al-Ahly, and he believes that the results of his experience with Al-Ahly are impressive by obtaining the Egypt Cup, the African Champions League and the third world, and he has hope for the coronation of the Egyptian Super and Super African”.

He concluded: “I think that Musimani’s decision will be to continue with Al-Ahly Club, and he is a smart person, and he will precisely reason his decision.


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