Scientists propose a new theory for the structure of the universe


Scientists at the University of Copenhagen announced their doubts about the validity of the current theory of the structure of the universe and propose an alternative theory to it, and it is mentioned that according to the current theory 5% of the universe consists of ordinary matter, 25% of dark matter, and 70% of dark energy.

But physicists at the University of Copenhagen believe that these ratios may be incorrect, and that dark energy can be replaced by dark matter in the form of magnetic forces.

According to RT, researcher Steen Harley Hansen says, “We have removed dark energy from the equation, and added new properties to dark matter, and it seems that these new properties have a similar effect to the effect of dark energy on the expansion of the universe.”

According to the new theory, scientists endow 25% of dark matter with special properties, which render 70% of dark energy practically useless, and according to the conclusions of the scientific team, the magnetic forces of dark matter affect the expansion of the universe in the same way that dark energy affects.

The researchers admit that this discovery may be just a coincidence, and they need to conduct additional studies.


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