Sham Al-Dhahabi commented on Asalas marriage for the third time


RevealedGolden shamDaughter of the Syrian actressauthenticity, On her opinion of her mother’s marriage for the third time, saying: “If it would be easy and happy, it would have fallen over my head.”
Sham also spoke in a television interview, about the details of her engagement celebration, saying: “Every thing was not planned. I was married, divorced, engaged, and annulled, and in all that I was learning even the person I married I was young and I knew from 15 years of childhood love.”
As for her new engagement, she explained: “He came forward to me, and I was surprised because he was the sweetest thing in the world, and I was a sweet surprise. I took us and installed a felucca in the Nile, and I was surprised by another felucca, all of which appeared and contained a poster in which my picture and his picture were written.”


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