“Shams El-Eshia” … a song that became synonymous with irony, and then the title of a new movie!



Moroccans interact with funny situations by commenting “A Shams Al Eshia”, after social media played a role in transforming it from a musical phrase in a song of the Andalusian tarab, into a phrase used in everyday speech, commenting on funny situations.

Moroccan director Yassin Fannan took advantage of the recent entry of the phrase into the Moroccan dictionary To mean with it a new film that was recently completed, with the participation of artists Fati Jamali, Saeed Bey, Salwa Zahran and Maria Nadim.

The phrase that they called the artist of his film, was used a lot by Moroccans about two years ago for the purpose of ridicule, but its fame is linked to a piece of Andalusian Nubia, which is considered one of the most famous songs that Moroccans chant at celebrations.

The piece of music was performed by major choirs such as the National Radio Choir headed by Ahmed Al-Wakili, and Jouq Al-Baraihi headed by Abdel-Karim Rayyis, and the choir of the Tetouan Music Institute headed by Muhammad Al-Arabi Al-Tamasmani. It was also presented by the most famous artists, Muhammad Baghdoub, Abd al-Rahim al-Suwairi, and Nabila Maan, who redistributed it.


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