She refused to hand him her phone .. An eyewitness tells the details of the killing of a mother and her son Ba


12:22 PM

Wednesday 07 April 2021

Minya – Mohamed Al-Nady:

The Prosecutor of the Bani Mazar Center, north of Minya Governorate, headed by Osama Rabi`, today, Wednesday, ordered the detention of “Rajab. Kh”, 37, a tuk-tuk driver, pending an investigation into his accusation of killing Maryam Musa Yaqoub, 27, a housewife, and his son, “Karas” 3 Years ago, with “Satour” on a street in the city of Bani Mazar, north of Minya.

Investigations revealed that the accused used to deliver the victim and her family to Bani Mazar, due to good relations between the two families, and relations between the two parties were cut off due to disagreements between the two families, which were followed by the occurrence of the crime.

According to the investigations, an eyewitness confirmed that the accused asked the victim of her cell phone, but she refused what prompted him to assault her and her son with a live machete, and they died.

The Public Prosecution summoned a number of residents of the area that witnessed the accident, as well as the husband of the victim, “A.S.”, to hear his statements.

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