Sherif Khairallah on the writing of the “Taxi” publication: “I needed the expenses of my children.”


Artist Sherif Khairallah said that when he wrote the post that sparked controversy a short time ago, he was “upset” for not having a movie or television work for a long time, asserting that “the post was Melian Ifhat.”

And Sherif Khairallah added during his interview on the “Red Line” program presented by journalist Muhammad Musa, on Al-Hadath channel today, “I have a feeling that I can be a good representative, and people before that have witnessed my success in my work, because I sit for 3 years without a job, this is something that is bothered. And because of the circumstances of life, if I had any need, I would spend it because of the children’s expenses.

He continued: “I took a lot and followed the reactions of the audience about my work, such as the series“ The End ”in the previous Ramadan season, and I was a guest of honor.

Artist Sherif Khairallah was born on February 23, graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, then studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts for his passion for art.

He participated in many artistic works, most notably in television dramas, most notably the series “A Thousand and One Nights”, “The Officer and the Criminal”, “The Other Man”, “Zizinia Part 2”, the series “Raya and Sakina”, “Mabrouk Galik Qalq”, “Dreams of Girls” and “Kalbash” and “The End.”


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