Sherihan congratulates her daughter “Lulwa” on her birthday: The greatest gifts of the Most Merciful and the most beautiful smile .. Pictures


The great star Sherihan congratulated her daughter “Lulwa” on her birthday, which falls on Thursday, April 22nd, confirming that it is the greatest gift from God to her and that she has turned many adversities into great gifts, expressing her pride in her and that she is the most beautiful smile that brought her heart back to life.

Sherihan and her daughter Lulwa
Sherihan and her daughter Lulwa

Sherihan published a group of photos that she collected with her daughter, “Lulwa”, which she posted on her official Facebook page, accompanied by a comment: “Lolwa, whoever I heard from her is the greatest and most beautiful word in existence,” Mama “. Exalted be it, my mother’s response and the dream of your grandmother who did not touch it or see it, and oh my dream, I am for myself and which I wished to become a reality, how proud I am that you are my daughter, my wonderful, rational, responsible and strong little girl.

The big star, Sherihan, with her daughter, Lulwa
Big star Sherihan with her daughter Lulwa

Sherihan added, “Your mother’s heart thanks you, for despite your young age you were my beautiful, wonderful, faithful, satisfied and patient guardian daughter. I thank you who have transformed with me a lot of my desires into great grants. Your age is in seconds and on your birthday, your child is from my heart again. Believe that your birthday is also on my birthday, meaning that you were born with me and die some day by day, so that, on the same day, the mother was born inside me. “


And Sherihan continued: “Believe that I am happy, not like any mother’s joy? Even if they said“ normal ”a feeling every mother feels. My joy has a second form and a second meaning, a feeling that is not normal.

Sherihan concluded: “Happy birthday, my beloved, and you are fine .. Happy, successful, strong, sincere, self-fulfilling, calm and peace of mind, and your Lord Almighty and your father and your conscience are satisfied with you, as for me, my heart is satisfied and honored and proud of you, O the most beautiful and greatest gifts of the Most Merciful to me … with your love … with your eyes I see life, the most beautiful smile that brought my heart back to life. “


The big star, Sherihan, caught the attention in her first appearance with the public after an absence of many years, in an advertisement for a company, to attract the attention of her fans and to recall her wonderful Ramadan roles, especially the fawazir, which many generations are attached to.


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