Signs and symbols that you may not notice in the “Newton’s game” sequences .. What is the relationship of bees to dollars and sperm? | Album


Amidst the great praises of the “Newton’s Game” series on the various artistic levels, whether directing, acting, writing or filming, of course.
The series reflects the infinite accuracy of its makers, headed by director and author Tamer Mohsen, who is also in charge of the task of the executive producer, especially since most of the series’ events take place in the United States of America and deal with the transformation of the life of an Egyptian wife turned upside down after her decision to travel there and give birth to her child on American soil in order to Obtaining the nationality.
Among the subtle technical details included in the series “Tatar” is the beginning, which is designed in a very distinct artistic way, but is also full of connotations that express the work events in a very special symbolic way.


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