Simba coach: We will face Al-Ahly to prove that we have become great


Didier Gomez, the coach of Tanzanian club Simba, said that he would face Al-Ahly at the end of the group stage of the African Champions League to prove that his team has become great, and Medi Kagiri, the team’s striker, stated that winning the match was their goal.

Didier Gomez said in his statements during the press conference: “We are on the verge of a difficult match, an important meeting for us to show them that we have become a great team, and we will definitely end the group and we are in the lead.”

Simba, the Tanzanian, took the lead in the group after he managed to reach the 13th point, while Al-Ahly achieved only 8 points and also within the group’s rank.

As for Medi Kagiri, the striker of Simbas team, he said: “We have a good team, and we play against a good team, but we must know that we are in the Champions League, where everyone plays with all, and for us we play to prove that we are ready to continue winning.”

Al-Ahly will play Simba on Friday evening at the end of the African Champions League group stage.


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