Small in size, great talent, maam


The artist signed Mohamed Henedy Today, the victim of the ninth day episode of the Ramez His Mind, which is presented by the artist Ramez Jalal, is one of the most anticipated episodes of this season, especially since Henedy had previously announced his participation in the program.

Mohamed Henedy
Mohamed Heneidy jumps out of the capsule (Image via Twitter)

Ramez Jalal talked about Muhammad Huneidi’s position in the world of comedy in his method of forced labor, saying: A comedian who drew the comedy map in the nineties, after the star had to be very tall. Now it is possible to remain at arm’s length. Media films make a running advertisement by saying to yourself, money is not all, with us Said Egyptian cinema is small in size and great talent Mohamed Henedy.

Ramez Jalal added sarcastically from Muhammad Huneidi’s clothes: God is Great, the ruler of the island of Harankish is inside us.

And he continued: “What is this boot, Henedy? It is not a shoe. He wears two trillions on his leg,” explaining: OUR kids“.

Henedi confirmed his love for pets, especially dogs, saying: “My dog ​​is called Potato,” to which Jalal replied, saying: I sleep in oil.

Henedy played the “Paintball” game with enthusiasm, but Ramez stalked him and directed several painful shots at him. Henedi kept calling the presenter of the Al-Asiri program, saying: No, Hassan, he hit hard. .

Ramez mocked Hendy, saying: If there is a commodity, there will be a pen battery left.

The comedic spirit of Muhammad Huneidi, which prevailed throughout his tour of the amusement park, disappeared as soon as he entered the Hopper Paths capsule, with the loud screams he felt fearful and asked to stop the game immediately. O pamper you, adding: No, folks, but stay.

After opening the door to the “Drops Hopper capsule” room, Mohamed Heneidy jumped over. To land in a swimming pool, with Ramez Jalal behind him.

Henedy then emerged from the pool. To enter into shock after discovering that he had fallen victim to Ramiz Jalal on the program “Ramiz his mind flew”, saying: What happened? What happened?

Henedy faced the shock with a little silence, and then entered into a wave of laughter with Ramez Jalal and kept repeating: Harouh is so wet, and confirmed that he was proud of his jump, and took advantage of his presence in the pure lands, calling for Ramiz Jalal to guide and stop presenting these landfills.

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