Smouha stumbles in front of El Mahalla in the league


Ghazal El Mahalla team snatched a difficult 1-1 draw, this evening, Tuesday, against Smouha, in the framework of the 18th round of the Egyptian we League.

Smouha team scored the first goal in the 41st minute through Rajab Nabeel, before Fathi Mabrouk managed to equalize in the 82nd minute to spin off the penalty spot.

With that result, Smouha raised his score to 24 in seventh place, equally with Ceramica and Enppi in the number of points, while Ghazl El Mahalla team reached 23 points in tenth place.

This is the 12th draw for Smouha team this season in the league, as it had tied with the same result in the first week of the league against Ghazl El Mahalla.

Smouha played with a formation consisting of:

“Al-Hani Suleiman, Rajab Nabil, Muhammad Abdel Moneim, Mahmoud Al-Badri, Mahmoud Moaz, Ahmed Homs, Muhammad Kanaria, Mustafa Fathi, Ahmed Abdel-Qader, Abdel-Kabir Al-Wadi, Hossam Hassan.”

On the other hand, the formation of Ghazl al-Mahalla came as follows:

Amr Shaban, Yahya Hamed, Ahmed Eid, Muhammad Fathallah, Fathi Mabrouk, Ahmed Al-Nadri, Bassam Maher, Khaled Raslan, Hisham Balha, Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Islam Fouad.

the summary of the match

In the 12th minute, Smouhas first dangerous ball came after a double pass in front of the penalty area, and the player finally kicked it in the arena.

The most famous referee of the match was a yellow card in the face of Rajab Nabeel, the Smouha player, in the 15th minute.

Khaled Raslan penetrated into the Smouha penalty area in the 16th minute, but hit the ball in the end near the left list.

Ahmed Abdel Qader almost scored Samouhas first goal in the 29th minute, after skillful dribbling inside the penalty area, to hit the ball and collide with the defense’s feet and exit for a corner kick.

In the 41st minute, Smouhas team scored the lead through Rajab Nabeel, taking advantage of a cross around with his head into the net of Ghazl El Mahalla goalkeeper.

The coach Ahmed Sami, the coach of Smouha team, decided to take out Ahmed Abdel Qader and Rajab Nabil in the 68th minute, and the player entered instead of them, Mahmoud Ezzat and Mahmoud Abdel Halim.

The referee, Mahmoud Al-Banna, awarded a penalty kick in favor of Ghazl El-Mahalla team in the 81st minute, after the player Mohamed Abdel Moneim blocked Fathi Mabrouk inside the penalty area, so the player Fathi Mabrouk came forward to shoot the ball and scored to the left of the goalkeeper, announcing the equalizer for the owners of the land in the 82nd minute.


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