South Sudan denies reports about Ethiopias support in building the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


12:51 AM

Saturday 03 April 2021

Cairo – (A & A):
Manaw Peter, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in South Sudan, denied what some media have reported about his support for Ethiopias position in building the Renaissance Dam in the current manner.
The Minister of Irrigation in the State of South Sudan also denied what Al-Jazeera circulated and promoted by the Ethiopian media regarding agreeing to sign the framework agreement for the three countries as soon as the Parliament of Southern Sudan is formed, and the situation is being studied only without expressing an opinion so far.
In exclusive statements to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustour, Manaw said that South Sudan’s position is clear from the three parties, which is the need to reach a satisfactory and binding agreement in filling and operating the Renaissance Dam. Based on the principles of international law that governs water.
The South Sudanese minister stressed that there are four basic principles of international law governing water, the first of which is the fair and reasonable use of transnational water, and the second principle is not to harm the interests of other countries involved in the water resource, and the third principle is prior notification by the state that establishes the project. The fourth principle is the peaceful settlement of any dispute over water.
He stressed that South Sudan called for a just, satisfactory and binding solution for the three parties, stressing that Egypt and Sudan are not opposed to the project in and of itself, because the project is already in place, but the contentious point is how to fill in, operate and fulfill the condition not to harm the interests of other countries.
He pointed out that the African Union, whose motto is African solutions to African problems, is now carrying out mediation with the support of the United States and the European Union.
He stressed that the media escalation is not required now, and the counter-statements and their distortion do not serve the purpose, stressing that his country’s position is parallel to all countries to reach a satisfactory and legally binding agreement, pointing out that relations with the three countries are good.

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