Strong confrontations in the quarter-finals of the Egypt Handball Cup


During the day, Monday, strong confrontations will take place in the framework of the quarter-finals of the Egyptian Handball Men’s Cup for the local season 2020/2021 in the level of 3 different meetings, where both Aviation against Al-Ahly and Al-Jaish meet in front of Al-Zohour and Heliopolis in front of Sporting, while Zamalek qualified directly in Assiut sports apology.

Al-Ahly qualified by beating the horse owners with a score of 25/19, Zamalek by beating the workers of Qena 13/37, Heliopolis over the Olympic 34/25, and Al-Jaish on the Sun 28/22

The Competitions Committee of the Handball Federation announced the dates and halls of the last 4 rounds of the second phase of Professional League For the local season 2020-2021, it will be held on April 8, 9, 15 and 16.

On Thursday, April 8, the tour will witness confrontations between: The Olympian with Al-Ahly and Sporting with Al-Tayaran and Al-Zuhoor with Vanguards of the Army and Zamalek with Heliopolis. The twelfth round will be held on April 9, with meetings between: Sporting with Al-Ahly and the Olympic with Al-Tayaran and Zamalek with the Vanguards of the Army. And flowers with Heliopolis.

While the thirteenth round will be held on April 15th, with confrontations between: Al-Zuhur with Al-Ahly and Zamalek with Al-Tayaran and Tala` Al-Jaysh with Sporting and Heliopolis with the Olympiad, provided that the last round will witness meetings between Al-Ahly with Zamalek and Al-Zohour with Al-Tayaran and Heliopolis with Sporting and Tala` Al-Jaysh With the Olympiad.


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