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The pregnant woman must take into account not to eat or be exposed to substances that may harm the development of the fetus, such as congenital anomalies or serious diseases after childbirth. A recent study revealed that certain chemicals enhance the behavior of an autistic child. The frightening thing is that these substances are present in the products we eat and deal with in daily life, according to the German Health News and Heilpraxis sites.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, these harmful substances can cause severe damage. In the following months of pregnancy, the damage may be in the loss of the fetus, disturbance in some organs, and other deformities.

A research team from the Canadian Simon Fraser University analyzed data on 1861 pregnant women in the first months, whose blood and urine contain traces of 25 chemicals that included minerals such as lead and cadmium, pesticides and other chemical compounds such as phthalates that are used in the manufacture of plastics, and triclosan, which is an antibacterial and fungi that enter the industry Toothpastes, detergents and toys.

The Social Response Index, which measures autism, was also studied in 487 children up to the age of six.

The researchers concluded that a high concentration of the aforementioned harmful substances led to symptoms Autism In children.

A previous study by Mount Sinai University and Sweden’s Karlstad had previously demonstrated the effect of these chemicals on children’s IQ.

The Office for the Environment in Germany warned of the harmful effects on the pregnant woman from smoking, alcohol, carbon monoxide and lead, which enter directly from the mother’s blood to the fetus.

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