Sudanese Al-Merrekh coach: Al-Ahly is likely to win the tenth, and it is difficult to stop it


The Englishman Lee Clark, coach of the first football team at the Sudanese Al-Merrikh Club, revealed the candidate teams to win the CAF Champions League title in its current version, saying: “There is no candidate for the tournament because of the strength of the competing teams and the difficulty of the matches.”

The technical director said Of the Sudanese Mars In televised statements: “Al-Ahly is a strong team and has the experiences to crown the tenth African title, and the Red Team has a group of distinguished players that are difficult to stop, and they can crown the title this season.”

The Englishman Lee Clark assured that the Sudanese level of Al-Merrikh declined in the second half of the match, indicating that he was proud of his team’s performance until the penalty kick was lost, adding: “If the penalty kick was entered, the match would have ended and the result of the progression with two goals is not reassuring for any team.”

He continued: “We lost a penalty kick, which changed the events of the match, and the performance of Mars retreated in the second half of the match, and the players of Mars felt frustrated after the first goal of Al-Ahly, and the morale of the Mars players was very high due to Sudan’s rise to the nations of Africa.”

Ascended Ahly To the quarter-finals of the African Champions League for the current version, after tying with Al-Merrikh, Sudan, with two goals for each team in the match that brought them together on Saturday, in the fifth round of the African group stage, and Al-Ahmar qualified for the quarter-finals 6 times in the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 editions. .

Al-Ahly was crowned In the CAF Champions League 9 times, to be the most successful team in Africa, as well as the club of the twentieth century in the African continent.

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