Sumaya al-Khashab turned the table on Ahmed Saad: shocking


Sumaya al-Khashab turned the table on Ahmed Saad: shocking

Today, the family court in Egypt issued a new ruling in favor of the Egyptian artist Sumaya al-Khashab against her divorced singer Ahmed Saad.

The court required the artist, Ahmed Saad, to pay an amount of 500 thousand pounds, equivalent to about 32 thousand US dollars, as the back of the dowry and attorney fees, for the benefit of his ex-wife.
Imad Lotfi, the lawyer of the artist Sumaya al-Khashab, had filed a new lawsuit against the artist Ahmed Saad to obtain the back of the dowry and submitted a portfolio of documents indicating the marriage during the real period between the 20 of October of 2017 until the 30th of March of 2019 , Under a legitimate contract.
Al-Khashab’s lawyer demanded that Saad be obliged to pay the sum of 500 thousand pounds for the value of the back end of the dowry between them after her first divorce and the end of her marriage.

Ahmed Saad announced his separation from the actress Sumaya al-Khashab after 18 months of their marriage.

Last month, the family court ruled in the pleasure and waiting lawsuit for the artist Sumaya al-Khashab for a sum of 270 thousand pounds, 30 thousand pounds for a period of 3 months several months and 10 thousand pounds for each month during 24 months for fun.

It is noteworthy that Sumaya al-Khashab participates in the Ramadan 2021 race with the artist Mohamed Ramadan in the series “Musa”.


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