Surprise | A rare photo of Wafa Amer and her sister, Ayten, you will not believe the age difference between them


Spread on social media, a rare photo of the great artist, Wafaa Amer, that she collects with her mother and little sister, Ayten.

The audience was surprised by two things, the first: the great resemblance between the death of Amer and her mother, as if they were a fola and divided into two texts.

The second thing: Aiten Amer’s age, which surprised everyone, as she appeared in the picture as a girl of about 6 years old, and Wafaa appeared, who was a great girl, and the difference between them was clear.

Some have guessed that Wafa Amer is not Aamer’s sister, but rather her mother, because of the great difference between them, which was explained by the photo, but this guess is incorrect, because the two artists are sisters, according to their statements in many programs.

It is worth noting that Wafa Amer was born on May 25, 1968, and is 53 years old. As for Ayten Amer, she was born on November 22, 1986, and at the age of 34 years.

Therefore, the difference between the two sisters in the picture is logical, as they have a difference of 19 years.


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