Surprise: Sawsan Badr will not participate in the mummies transport procession


A source close to the artist Sawsan Badr revealed a surprise of a heavy caliber, as he confirmed that she would not participate in the ceremony for the transfer of mummies that the whole world witnesses this evening (Saturday).

The source added that Sawsan Badr will follow the ceremony like the rest of the Egyptian people on television, and my hesitation about her participation is unfounded.

During the past few hours, social media pioneers shared the news of the participation of the artist Sawsan Badr in the event of transporting mummies because of their pharaonic features.

The celebration will witness the presence of a number of kings and heads of a large number of different countries, and the event will be translated into 14 languages, and the ceremony for transporting the mummies is scheduled to transmit 400 channels from around the world, where 22 mummies will be transported, including 18 kings and 4 queens.

The procession will be led by a number of stars of the artistic community in Egypt, most notably Hussein Fahmy, Mona Zaki and Yousra, and the procession will be moved at exactly six oclock in the evening, and the event will last for 49 minutes, and the world will witness this great historical event in a live broadcast on all local and international channels.


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