Surprisingly … a significant increase in the price of gold a while ago


Experienced prices gold Today evening, Wednesday, the twenty-first of April, surprisingly, a significant increase during evening trading, as the precious metal witnessed a tangible jump of 4 pounds in the evening after a rise of seven pounds in the morning, bringing the total increase in the day to 11 pounds.

In the following lines, we monitor the gold prices this evening in the goldsmiths’ markets in the Arab Republic of Egypt:

Caliber 21: 791 pounds
Caliber 24: 904 pounds
Caliber 18: 678 pounds
Gold pound: 6329 pounds

Gold prices in Egypt

The price of the yellow metal “gold” is of great importance for young people in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where a young man thinks about getting married and forming a new life in search of gold prices first, which is the gift of the bride that he will present or the network as many Egyptians call it ..

Also, there are many businessmen who are interested in daily gold prices because of their great importance, as most of them invest their money in the goldsmiths’ market and the precious metal.


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