Suspicious movements with foreign parties … Jordan reveals the details of yesterday’s arrests


Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi revealed new details of the arrests yesterday, stressing that his country monitored contacts and movements with foreign parties to choose the most appropriate time to destabilize the security of the homeland.

Safadi said in a press conference today, Sunday, that comprehensive joint investigations have been conducted for a long time on the activities and movements of Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein, Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, Basem Ibrahim Awad Allah, and other persons targeting the security and stability of the homeland.

He added that this paralleled the activities of Prince Hamzah with the clans to incite them and push them to move in activities that would harm national security.

Safadi pointed out that the security services monitored the communication of a person with links to foreign security services with the wife of Prince Hamzah, who offered her to secure a plane immediately to exit Jordan to a foreign country.

He stressed that Prince Hamzah broadcast two recorded messages in Arabic and English in another attempt to distort the facts and to arouse local and foreign sympathy.

He pointed out that these movements had been controlled, besieged and killed in their infancy, explaining that in light of these investigations, the security services had made a recommendation to King Abdullah II to refer these activities and those in charge of them to the State Security Court to carry out the legal requirement.

He pointed out: “We will not disclose the details of the investigations at this stage, but there are proven contacts with external parties.”

It is noteworthy that the authorities in Jordan, yesterday, Saturday, arrested Sharif Hassan bin Zaid and Basem Ibrahim Awadallah, the former head of the royal court, and others for security reasons.

For his part, the Chief of Staff of the Jordanian Army, Major General Yusef Ahmed Al-Huneiti, confirmed the incorrectness of the allegations published about Prince Hamzah’s arrest.

Al-Hunaiti explained that he was asked to stop “movements and activities that are used to target the security and stability of Jordan,” as part of comprehensive joint investigations carried out by the security services, as a result of which Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, Basem Ibrahim Awad Allah, and others were arrested.

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