Tamer Faraj seeks the opinion of his son in response to the campaign “We Watch After We Judge” … Is it useful to dress Sadat as bin Laden? | news


A number of artists interacted with the campaign launched by director Amr Salama, with the hashtag “We look after we judge”, in opposition to the decision to stop the series “The King” after the promotional promo sparked a lot of criticism recently.

The artist Tamer Farag, who is concerned with the study of antiquities, responded to this campaign using the opinion of his 15-year-old son, and published through his accounts on social media: “It is useful to do a series in which the actor who worked in it dressed the character of Sadat and dressed him as bin Laden? The answer is no .. Because some young people will see this work … Because for people you will dig in their brains that this was President Sadat’s sight. ”

He continued: “I am one who was raised on the film” Uncle’s Wlad “. Until today, for me, the Egyptian officer Karim Abdel Aziz, and when I saw Sherif Mounir in” Al Mamar “, I was convinced that his real name, Daniel, would not come from my brain, so there is no need, whose name is I look at two dimensions. A work that deals with a historical story so that it tells a history .. it remains true to tell it, because Ali may not reveal a small detail on what is really a very important detail. ”

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Tamer Farag commented on his son’s opinion, saying: “This is a comment for my son who is 15 years old and there is no comment.”

The director, Amr Salama, had launched a hashtag entitled “We watch after we judge” in the face of the decision to stop the series through a post on his Facebook account, in which he said, “We are doing art in order to tell stories in order to please people and entertain them and let them think .. What do you decide on the answer from its title, It is your right to read the entire answer, and the hour will judge.

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