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Let me salute Tamer Morsi as a national producer who succeeded in crowning the Egyptian championships in presenting the second part of the series “The Choice”. Our high-end society has the gigantic accomplishments that have afflicted Egypt, so let me denounce the series “Al-Tarso”, such as the one we saw in (Kings Al-Jadana) and (Deer meat). They gave an ugly picture of the community of the Egyptian neighborhood, which fell from our memory.

I do not know why this timing is at a time when the state is seeking to develop society by hiding ugly images while it is getting rid of slums. For example, a neighborhood like Al-Batinah, which in the 1950s was a source for selling drugs, completely disappeared from above the development map, and Egypt became beautiful even in the manner of dialogue between people. Neither syringe nor white weapons are the language of dialogue anymore, and we have seen our youth in clubs achieving championships.

I understand that greed is magnanimity for a friend to be a supporter for his friend in misfortune and misfortune, but for magnanimity to be bullying and criminality .. Of course, roles I do not like for a successful actor like Mustafa Shaban to play the role of a bully and weapons in his hand, and drugs are in his cigarette even though he has an honorable history in The Egyptian drama, unfortunately erased its honorable history in “Kings of Al-Jadana”, and I don’t know why he forgot his great role in the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally” with the late Nour al-Sharif .. Director Muhammad al-Naqli, the body of the Egyptian neighborhood with its nobility, did not add images of bullying, white weapons or drugs to it Therefore, the series was broadcast in 12 countries, because its writer “Mustafa Muharram” succeeded in presenting the problems of polygamy with the eastern man in a fun framework, and embodied the ability of the eastern man to coexist with his four wives in one house .. To the truth, the series was one of the wonderful series, and we have a series. Another is still alive in our memory even after the death of its author, the late Osama Anwar Okasha, “Layali al-Helmiyya”. Without bullying or Drugs or knives and cleavers.

We are unfair to this generation, and we put it in front of the series “Kings of Jadana” or the series “Meat Ghazal” .. I do not know what benefited the station “it” which showed these two series well knowing the greatness of Egypt, and that the Egyptian neighborhood no longer uses white weapons or drugs now Therefore, let me say that it is a fall from this station, and it is a shame for everyone who participated in this act that is offensive to the Egyptian neighborhood. Therefore, a respectable representative such as “Mustafa Shaaban” does not have the honor to see his sister or brother, especially when one of them is in the age of adulthood following the destruction of societal values, I understand the “kings of gada” not by using weapons or by the method of thuggery, so that each of them remains “stump.”».

So let me greet Tamer Morsi, the head of the Egyptian media. He has really succeeded in choosing the Ramadan series. It is enough to take us back to the history of the Brotherhood in Rab’a and how they controlled an area of ​​Egyptian land and then collapsed over their heads on the day of the liquidation of “Rab’a” .. These historical footage and the storming of the section Kerdasa Police is a testimony to history that these Islamists really deserved the people’s revolution against them.

Thank you, the great artist, Tamer Morsi, for you excelled and preserved the integrity..

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