Tariq Yahya calls on Zamalek to withdraw from sports activities..details


Tariq Yahya, a former Zamalek player, revealed what he thinks is the best for his club after the fact that the team was considered a loss against Al-Ahly in basketball.

Tariq Yahya said during radio statements via Atheer On Sport: “I think that the most generous and better for us to withdraw from all tournaments, is more generous to us than what is happening. Zamalek is completely wronged.”

He continued: “There is a case of severe prejudice against us, and I do not know why, and I evaluate what happened in the basketball match with the most degrees of prejudice against us.”

And he continued: Insisting on removing Shikabala from the hall is a strange behavior and considered it a severe insult and damages the value of the stars.

Yahya added: Did Zamalek demand in the first-round match at Al-Ahly Club that Khaled Bebo should leave the stands, or would we have objected to the presence of Hossam Ghaly or any former star in Al-Ahly?

He concluded: There is a state of persecution that Zamalek suffers from, and I lived as a player by excluding me from the 1990 World Cup and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

The Egyptian Basketball Federation had issued a decision regarding Zamalek as a loser in front of Al-Ahly at the summit that was supposed to be gathered at the Zamalek hall.


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