Technical website: The shortage of electronic chips leads to the outbreak of a crisis in the global economy


The technical website “Life Mint” stated that the shortage of electronic chip supplies led to a crisis in the global economy.

According to the technical site, the crisis lies in the fact that companies that use technology increasingly, such as car manufacturers, do not find a sufficient number of drivers for display screens to move, and therefore the companies that manufacture them cannot keep pace with the increasing demand, so prices are rising dramatically..

The site indicated that hundreds of different types of chips make up the global silicon industry, and the most prominent companies are Qualcomm and Intel and are used in computers or smartphones, while the screen driver, on the contrary, is only intended to transmit basic instructions for lighting the screen on the phone or Navigation system.

Manufacturers cannot keep up with the increasing demand so prices are rising dramatically, and this contributes to a shortage of supplies and increased costs for display panels and basic components for making televisions and laptops, in addition to cars and airplanes..


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