The anniversary of the birth and departure of Nawal Abul-Fotouh after a long journey with cancer .. today


Fate decided that the tenth of April would be the day on which the anniversary of the birth and death of Nawal Abul-Fotouh, who was born on the tenth of April 1940 and died on the same day in 2007, after a long journey with cancer.

Nawal Abul-Fotouh, a talented person who became a professional actor, was discovered by Abdel Moneim Madbouly and presented in the play “The Inspector General” and entered the world of cinema with the movie “A Groom to My Sister”.

After that, she continued her roles and works, and she was distinguished by presenting the character of the playful naughty girl in a light comic form. Among her most famous works are (Gulfdan Hanim), (The Wife 13), “She and the Devils”, “Black Candles”, “30 Days in Prison”, “The Three Devils”, Thieves but cute, ”a message from an unknown woman.

But her most famous role in evil was the series “The Witness and the Tears”, which brought her wide fame in the character of the wife of the artist Youssef Shaaban, who was incited by his brother’s children. Which embodied her after returning to the screen from a temporary retirement for 5 years, she specialized in the roles of evil and the embodiment of some religious and historical figures.

Nawal Abul-Fotouh passed away after a 5-year struggle with cancer after she discovered it at a late stage and refused help from the artist Adel Imam in her illness after he allocated the proceeds of one of his plays to her participation in her treatment, and she also refused treatment at the expense of the state.


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