The birth anniversary of the Greek-Egyptian dancer “Kitty” and the truth about her relationship with Rafat El Hagan


Today passes the anniversary of the birth of the dancer Kitty Futsati, born on April 21, 1927, in Alexandria from a Greek family, and it was said that she was a convert to Judaism. She lived and grew up in the Egyptian streets. Fame and stardom will also enter the world of politics, as stated in the book “The Stars of the Third Degree in the White Cinema”, by journalist Adel Al-Sanhoury.

Kitty dancer shook the throne of belly dance

Kitty appeared in many black and white films, the most famous of which was with the late comedy star Ismail Yassin, and despite her appearance in an era dominated by belly-dancing giants, she succeeded in developing it, and making it an art that many of her fans and followers loved in the cinema, and she was distinguished by her smile and laugh Charming, and was distinguished by her grace and beautiful figure that preserved it.

She participated in nearly 60 films in less than twenty years before she suddenly disappeared. She left many question marks that haunted her after her departure, and no one was able to confirm her until now, most notably her relationship with the Egyptian intelligence man, Raisat al-Jamal, famous for “Raafat Al-Hagan.”

With Ismail Yassin

Suddenly, after the fame and success she achieved as an actress and dancer in Egyptian cinema, Kitty emigrated to Egypt, and her news was lost, and at that time some accused her of having a relationship with Israel, and that she was a member of a spy network working for the Israeli Mossad, and when her activity was revealed, she fled before being arrested on her.

What was said at the time is that she left Egypt, after learning of the arrest of the Syrian artist, Elias Meddeb, who was investigated in a case accusing him of belonging to a spy network against Egypt, and then he was released, so he left Cairo to return to Syria, his country of origin.

Another story said that the dancer who married the late Egyptian director Hassan al-Saifi had an emotional relationship with the most famous spies of Egypt, “Rifaat al-Jamal,” known as “Rafat al-Hagan,” as it is said that she was the first love in the life of the man who shook the world by penetrating the Israeli Mossad.

This novel was based on the memoirs of the late intelligence man, in which he wrote that the first love in his life was for a girl he described as a young, reckless teenage dancer, who was one year older than him, called “Betty”. However, some opinions believe that what is meant here is the young Jewish dancer Kitty.

Al-Hajan was not linked to the dancer emotionally only, as he said in his diaries that he moved to live with her, which angered his brother, Labib, and caused him many family problems, which made him eventually give up his love for “Betty” and his work in cinema after he was He has presented three films with the director, “Bechara Wakim”.

The end of Kitty was also divided by stories, while some indicated that she left after being accused in an espionage network to Israel, and died there, some sources believe that what prompted her to emigrate was the decision of the Minister of Manpower at that time in the 1960s to expel foreign dancers and make room for Egyptian women. This led to the migration of dozens of Russian, Arab and Turkish women from Egypt, and among them was the dancer Kitty.

Kitty’s last film was “The Mind and the Money” in 1965, and it was co-starring Hassan Fayek, Tawfiq Al-Dakn, Madiha Kamel, and others.

Some unconfirmed accounts still say that Kitty is still alive, but it is certain that she died in the 1980s, according to what was mentioned about her in some of the books that she mentioned.


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